Main window
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Below is the Secure iXplorer main window. Scroll down for a detailed description.



The menubar can be used for setting options, changing the view, performing actions on both local and remote computer and to open up various help windows.

Key shortcuts are available for all menu operations and special keys are supported; like Ctrl-C for copy and Ctrl-V for paste.  

Remote Hosts Toolbar

The buttons here are used to perform actions on remote hosts. Like on the local computer toolbar there are buttons for navigation, copy & paste and for changing of the view. In addition it is possible to select ascii/binary mode for copying and to open a terminal window to the currently selected remote host.

Tree & list views

The tree & list views are very similar to Windows Explorer in both look and feel. This means that the user interface is very intuitive and there is no need to learn any new concepts.

Having both the remote and the local side visible at the same time means that it is very easy to drag and drop files from the one location to the other. The copy and paste operation can be initiated using buttons on the toolbar, right click or by simple drag and drop -whatever you like.

Network Communication Logs

Logs are available for viewing information about what communication is being sent over the network. These three panes are optional and can be selected/deselected under the "View" menu, depending on each users preferences.