DAMonitor Download Page

Some short notes about DAMonitor:

This is a simple application for monitoring audio. The built-in special filter is designed to allow users to listen to simulated AM radio reception, either from the line input of the soundcard or by playing back an MP3/MP2 audio file. The application was developed in order to allow AM radio producers to listen to how their production will sound, before the production is broadcasted. By toggling the filter on/off, it is possible to compare the high-quality audio in the studio with how it will eventually sound to the listener.

The audio files can be "dragged" to the application or as an alternative there is a "Play Soundfile" button . Activating the "Live Input" button opens up a "Spectrum Analyser" window, where it is possible to view the audio spectrum changes to the input signal, at the same time as one listens to them (real time monitoring).

NOTE: Follow the following procedure to avoid hearing an echo, while in "Live Input" mode:

  • Open the Microsoft "Master Volume" application (usually by double-clicking the Loudspeaker icon in the (bottom right?) corner of the Taskmanager).
  • Find the "Line In" section and make sure that the "Mute" option is selected.
    Additional comment: If this section is not muted, then the audio is fed directly from the "Line In" to the output. You can easily check this by closing the DAMonitor application. If you hear the audio, even while DAMonitor is closed, then you have not yet muted the "Line In" section.

Please click here to download a self extracting install (.exe file).

A zipped archive is available here as an alternative.

Instructions for installing the zipped archive
Unzip to a temporary folder (using for instance WinZip) after you have downloaded the file, then run the setup program from this folder and follow the instructions.
If you want, and the installation was verified to be successful, then you can delete all the unzipped files from the temporary folder.

Source code
If you are a programmer and want to do adaptations to the software, then you can find the source code here. If you have Delphi Version 6 you can build your own executable. I would appreciate a copy of your adaptations, in case you do any improvements, which could be of benefit to others.