Secure iXplorer - Purchasing

Only $29.90 per license!

Purchasing Notes

  • Buy from one of the two Internet stores below.
  • After purchasing your registration code for unlocking the evaluation version will be sent by email
  • The registration code is automatically valid for all upgrades within the 1.xx series

Purchase on-line, by fax, telephone or postal mail from:
Purchase Secure iXplorer NOW at www.RegSoft.com

... or purchase on-line in different currencies from:
Purchase Secure iXplorer NOW at www.kagi.com

Latest version is 1.31


  • Latest version of Putty (0.58) is included in the install distribution
  • This is a security update. Please upgrade from earlier versions to this!

Registered users:
This is a free upgrade

Non registered users:
Downloading this upgrade entitles to the full trial duration -even if the previous version has expired