DAPlay - The Digital Audio Player

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  • DAPlay is similar to other music software like WinAmp, MusicMatch and others. Although the player is usable as is, it is mainly an example application for the Delphi component TDAPlayerComponent. This component offers you almost unlimited access to create your own interface in Borland Delphi, C++ Builder, J Builder (all using VCL). You can also use Microsoft Visual C++ or other programming languages (through a .DLL instead of the VCL component). The source code is free and is based on the MAPlay software (GNU General Public License).

    "DAPlay looks similar to a printer queue -normally it is iconized in the tray"

    "the VU meter level is displayed (as an icon) in the tray while playing"

    "By clicking on the icon the playlist is displayed in the icon the playlist is displayed in a style similar to a printer queue"